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I create love, miracles and meanings.
There is magic in all things. My lives are a happy adventure. There's so much I want to say!
I'm an artist in many ways. I write, play with colours, do yoga, read and make magical candles. I create amulets. I'm learning to see the spiritual side of things. I explore mountains, forests, cities and towns.

I live in the north of Europe, but not exactly where you think I live. :) I'm a Buddhist. Some of my favourite writers are W.B. Yeats, Tove Jansson, JRR Tolkien, R. Assagioli, Jean Shinoda Bolen and R. Graves.

I think that being weird and different is amazing. Probably it's just the natural way of things. I try not to judge anyone. So let's be friends, fellow strangers and travellers! :)

Peace and love!